5k Run at Goleta Beach Saturday!

Today’s Workout:
A: Push Press 5-5-5-3-3-3
B: DB Bent Row 4x 6-8 2021

Row 250m
25 Push-ups
A: Push Press 8x 2
B: Bent Row 5x 3-5 2021

Double Unders

Beach group

Saturday (July 13th) at 9:30AM we will be meeting at Goleta Beach to test our 5k times. The course is pretty flat and perfectly measured so it is a good opportunity to get an initial time for those who don’t know their 5k, or to chase a PR for those who do. Friends and dogs are welcome to join!

Since the weather has been beautiful lately it has reminded me how much fun beach workouts can be… Stay tuned for more.

Also, if you want to run on Sunday check out Chuck’s Beach Run with Leslie Wiggins. She will most likely beat you in the 6 mile race, but she did say they give away bottles of wine and the registration is free…