About Us.

All fitness, no bullshit...

Who We Are:

Santa Barbara Strength was created out of true love: love of sport, love of life, and of community. Living a balanced lifestyle and moving the body every day are crucial components in a happy life. The human machine is not designed to be sedentary and bound to technology. Finding the right path to health can be overwhelming with the massive volume of information and misinformation pervading the media. Santa Barbara Strength exists to guide and educate athletes of all abilities to achieve their health, strength, and fitness goals as well as to provide a community of support for all of the blood, sweat, and tears to be shed along the way.

Our Skills

Being Awesome 100%
Raging 95%
Whining 3%

Meet the Team

Santa Barbara Strength coaches possess a diverse blend of experience and education. Certifications are important and necessary, but each of our coaches lives strength and conditioning as a lifestyle. We believe this is the only way to truly possess the credibility and knowledge to instruct others in their fitness journey. As teachers we are committed to ongoing education and growth so that we can continue to provide the best instruction available.

Nick Conn

Owner & Head Coach

After a lifetime of competition in numerous sports, including 12 years of weightlifting experience, Coach Conn has developed a deep understanding of all things strength and conditioing.

Brendan Walcoff

CrossFit Coach

Coach Walcoff is a dedicated student of movement patterning and mobility, which are key pursuits of any true athlete.

Cliff Schwankl

CrossFit Coach

As a Triathlete, Coach Cliff has honed his ability to breathe hard. Cliff coaches CFG Group Classes as well as the SBS Endurance Team.

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