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Today's Workout

Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1


For Time


"L" Pull-ups
Ring Dips

Top Performances: Derek, 175 (Bodyweight!). Katie H., 75. Then: Julian, 9:39. Larisa 17:36 (Not RX but the closest lady to it)

Inverted Wink

Starting next Monday (January 10th) we will be making a dietary trip to a simpler time. Some of you may remember our last Paleo Challenge. With the help of our friends in the CrossFit Community and some of my heroes: Robb Wolf, Chef Dax, and other Paleolithic eating aficionados we will try to eat clean, simple, and delicious. The simple rules are as follows: only eat it if it comes grows directly from the earth or used to have a soul and a face. This means meat, eggs, nuts, veggies, and fruit; no legumes, dairy, sugar, grains, or processed factory made foods. You will be accountable to only yourself, but if you can commit to a month of Paleo eating you will feel better, slim down, and maybe, just maybe learn to embrace your inner caveman/woman. 

Mark's Daily Apple– Awesome Paleo Resource