Be Prepared

Today's Workout

Power Clean 3-3-3-1-1-1


5 Rounds For Time

5 Reps Power Clean 70% of 1RM
10 Burpees

Cristina Handstand Oahu

 Cristina Bustin' a handstand at Lanikai Beach, Oahu.

The hardest part of any diet is usually not the diet itself, but always being prepared with food. We all lead crazy busy lives and sometimes it can be hard to set aside time to prepare meals for the day. This will be more than half the battle for most of us. It can help to cook a lot of meat at once so you have ready to eat protein. Also easy to prep veggies and fruits are always a good call, especially ones that can be enjoyed raw. If you have to eat out lettuce wraps and salads are a great idea, but be sure to watch out for dressings and cheeses. This next month lets all do our best to be like Boy Scouts and "Be Prepared."

REMINDER: Tomorrow's workout will be at 9AM. It will be a hero workout to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11.