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Written By Dax Gulje:

So, for our first full day of the Paleo Challenge, let’s jump right in and make a stick-to-yer-ribs kinda meal that you can make and eat throughout the week if you throw the leftovers in the fridge or freezer.  With no further ado, here’s all you’ll need tonight:

-2lbs of grass-fed beef (Whole Foods has grass-fed 7% ground beef on sale this week)
-coconut oil
-1 buffalo rib-eye steak (feel free to sub any form of steak or stew meat here, this is just my twist on the concept)
-1 can diced tomatoes w/ basil & garlic
-lemon pepper
-1 can tomato paste
-1 tin diced Ortega chilies
-1 tin tomatillo salsa
-1 diced large white onion
-5 cloves of garlic (frozen or fresh)
-Dashes of cumin
-Dashes of turmeric
-Dashes of Chinese 5-spice
-1/8 cup of Almond meal
-2 diced bell peppers
-1 diced Habañero pepper (substitute Bhut Jolokia/Ghost Pepper if you want a life-changing experience, but go easy)
-Dashes of garlic powder
-Dashes of chili powder
-Chopped bunch of scallions (green onion)
-2 cups beef broth
                You’ll notice I used the formal measuring unit of “dashes” when it comes to seasoning…that’s because I find cookbooks too restrictive and rigid when doling out measures of seasoning.  I’m a big fan of “taste to test”, so play around…have fun with it – you’ll be using a lot of dashes during the Paleo Challenge!
                Cut the buffalo into bite-sized chunks and season w/ lemon pepper & truffle oil, heat a skillet to searing with coconut oil & toss the chunks of steak into the skillet to be seared – don’t cook it too long, just brown the surface.  Turn on the crockpot and throw everything above into it, no particular order.  Stir up until all ingredients are combined, add in browned buffalo/steak.
Set temp to “Low” and let cook for ~6 hours or so (the longer, the better and mo’ tasty…enjoy!