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ConnFit Group Training.

Guided, medium-sized group training

Fitness is not a hobby and cannot be maximized through infrequent, half-hearted bouts with exercise: it is a lifestyle.

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ConnFit Group GPP Training:

ConnFit classes are a great way to enhance your GPP (general physical preparedness) which translates generally to improvement in any specific sport or simply enhances your quality of life. ConnFit classes meet daily according to our schedule. We rotate programming biases throughout the year, but no matter the specific focus at a given time we always make sure to include a variety of elements of weightlifting and gymnastics with a consistent, healthy dose of conditioning thrown into the mix.

The most important factor in achieving your fitness goals no matter which path you choose is adherence to the program and consistent training. When you participate in ConnFit Strength and Conditioning Group Classes at SBS all you have to do is show up regularly and our coaches will guide you through the rest. We have found over the years that people who struggle to find motivation training on their own, and even a few who “hate” gyms, have thrived in this atmosphere. Classes are capped at 12 athletes to ensure adequate face time with coaches and a safe training environment, but it’s always lot more fun to train hard with a group of friends with whom to share in the experience.

Safe participation in these sessions requires a working understanding of fundamental movement patterns including pushing, pulling, squatting, and hip hinging. Most new athletes need a bit of one on one attention before graduating into ConnFit Group Training. Please contact us today for a Free Introductory Workout and Assessment to ensure group training is the best environment for you to begin training with us.

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*We typically reply to all emails within 24 hours except during weekends and/or holidays. If you haven't heard back from us for a few days please do not hesitate to be proactive by shooting us another email, calling us on the phone, or stoping by during Open Gym hours to speak with a coach in person when they are not actively engaged with a group class or client.

It's not that we would ever purposely ignore you, or anyone interested in training with us for that matter, and definitely not that we don't care: our staff is simply tiny and always on the move working relentlessly to foster the most productive training atmosphere in SB as well as providing world class instruction for all of our members. Occasionally we have been known to drop a ball or two in the computer correspondence department; we're human just like you.

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