Movement 101.

Athletes (read: people) who are new to our community need the most help to get started safely on the right track. Movement 101 is the program we have spent years developing to make this transition as smooth as possible…

It is crucial for both safety and long term success in our group training programs to first learn foundational movement patterns, begin to establish strength and consistency, then gradually introduce intensity. You don’t need to be perfect, but you need to understand, at least, what “perfect” movement is.

Before starting Movement 101 in a group setting we require new athletes to complete 3 “Foundations” one on one sessions with one of our coaches. These sessions can be scheduled after coming in for a Free Introductory Workout and Assessment. Group training is ideal for many athletes in terms of time and financial commitment, but requires a requisite level of ability and knowledge from ALL participants to keep things safe and preserve the group flow in our classes.

After completion of 3 Foundations sessions, Movement 101 combines inclusion in our ConnFit Group Classes at an entry level as well as a week meetings on Sundays at 10am to review essential techniques and answer questions outside of the chaos and intensity of regular classes. This “Movement and Mobility” session meets on Sundays at 4:30pm and is essential to re-enforce the learning process.

We understand that it can be intimidating joining a new gym community and facing the inevitable discomfort that is establishing and pushing the limits of your physical fitness. Thus the goal of this program is to ensure everyone gets the help they need and feels right at home here regardless of ability level. This gym truly does exist to provide a place to train for all those who are willing to put in the effort.

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