Today's Workout

Shoulder Press

5 @ 75% WM
3 @ 85% WM
1+ @ 95% WM


1 Minute at Each Station for Max Reps/1 Minute Rest

115/75 Shoulder To Overhead
GHD Sit-ups
Rope Climb

Top Performances: Jason B. 9 Reps @ 145, Katie H. 10 Reps @ 65. Then Chris J. 214, Katie H. 121.

Jason and Josh

We have been focusing on the fundamental Powerlifts for almost a month now and we will continue to do so until the Competition on February 26. One could insert any number of cliches here regarding the importance of fundamental mastery not only in respect to the fundamentals themselves, but also in mastering more complicated motions. I will refrain from doing so, but I will say I have already seen a vast improvement from those athletes who have been consistent in making each lift each week. Get your lifts in, and if you can't make it make them up on Saturdays. If you don't even know your 1RMs for these lifts yet and you are not new to CFG, you need to make an effort to get more consistent with your training (cough, MAX, cough).