Growing Stronger In Numbers

Today's Workout

Shoulder Press

5 @ 65% WM(+10lbs)
5 @ 75% WM(+10lbs)
5 @ 85% WM(+10lbs)



7 Strict Pull-ups
7 Strict Hand Stand Push-ups

Top Performances: Kris 10 reps @ 145. Katie H. 10 @ 65. Then Nick P. 7 rounds (+5 pullups, Freestanding HSPU).

Christine Squat 

There are tons of new faces in the gym! Be sure to welcome them and make them feel at home. I will be looking to more experienced athletes to step up and help the newbs to learn the ropes. Don't be afraid to offer coaching advice of any kind to new athletes. I'm sure you remember the days when you didn't know a muscle-up from a push-press and how overwhelming it can be to start learning all the vocab and technique we use. Never be afraid to ask questions. If you feel that you need more help, whether you are new or not, I offer personal coaching sessions at a discount to all of our members, so shoot me an email if you want some specific work on a part of your game to inquire about pricing and scheduling. On that note if you are looking for just a little more help with your technique the 6:30AM and 6:30PM are always the least filled classes so they are a great way to maximize your exposure to coaching.

Taking Technique To The Next Level