Today's Workout


5 Rounds For Time

12 155/105lb Deadlifts
9 155/105lb Hang Power Cleans
6 155/105lb Push Jerks

Top Performances: Chris J., 8:54. Katie H., 9:56 (75lbs).

And Balls...

Today wasn't Lucas's day. He wasn't feeling 100%, the workout wasn't testing his strengths, he got a little beat up, and it took much longer than he hoped/expected. He did however push through all the discomfort and frustration to finish. When he finished he told me that he wanted to quit in round 3. So why didn't he? Heart. Lucas dug deep and found a different, but incredibly important strength today. When things got tough he didn't give up, he worked as hard as he could the entire time. Lucas may have not posted the fastest time today, but his effort was unmatched. Hero workouts (or any of our workouts for that matter) are never easy, but with the fortitude that Lucas brought to the table today completing them is never a matter of "if" but instead "when." I bet next time around he finishes in half the time. 

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