Heavy Metal, Steak, and Beer.

Today's Workout

CrossFit Total

3 Attempts at a 1 Rep Max. The Score is the total of the 3 highest lifts.

Back Squat
Shoulder Press

Top Performances: Jason B. 1155, Larisa 498.

Larisa 250lb deadlift

250lb Deadlift at a bodyweight of only 108. Damn.

Tomorrow registration starts at 7:30AM and lifting starts at 8:30AM sharp. Try to be here by at least 8:15AM if you are competing. Even if you aren't competing try to stop by, watch the show, and meet some good friends and fellow CrossFiters from up and down the coast. After the competition is over and the strongest male and female have been crowned we will be enjoying a potluck BBQ so please join in the fun.