Living the Dream

Today's Workout

4 Rounds For Max Reps Handstand Pushups (or hardest variety)


For Time

21 Sots Press 45/33
22 Bulgarian Split Squat 45/33
15 Sots Press 45/33
16 Bulgarian Split Squat 45/33
9 Sots Press 45/33
10 Bulgarian Split Squat 45/33


Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to work out. Yes, even I sometimes feel tired, sore, and unmotivated. For a few weeks I was battling a cold and the gym is also getting busier and busier (which is an incredible "problem" to have) and my training took a big hit. I am one of the luckiest athletes in the world though because I belong to a community that supports me when I am down and my workouts are sub-par. To find inspiration I need to look no further than Katie's first pull-ups, Cristina's ever present intensity, Christy's constant effort and improvement, Larisa's double bodyweight deadlift, Dax's 90 kipping pull-ups in a metcon, Christo's muscle ups, Ryan and Jason's ridiculous feats of strength, Ted's incredible all around athleticism and sage guidance, or Nick P's love of being incredible uncomfortable (I could go on all day but for the sake of keeping this post brief I will stop because I think my point is clear). We may not always be firing on all 8 cylinders, we may not always PR, but we do always have each other to turn to for inspiration and friendship. Last weekend I honestly experienced the best birthday I have ever had and it was simply because you were all a part of it. So thank you for being a part of our crazy little community and helping me to continue to realize my dream of being a CrossFit Coach and gym owner. I hope that as we continue to grow you will help the new athletes to feel the love and find the Firebreather within themselves. I promise that I will continue to do everything in my power to become the best coach I can be and to help you achieve your goals. There is nothing we can't do together.