Motivational Consequences…

Today's Workout

Jerk Balance 3-3-3

Split Jerk 1-1-1


3 Rounds (Individually Timed/Rest 90sec)

Row 350m
10 Push-ups
10 Box Jumps 36"/24"

Sarah KBS

So we seem to have some people who think that class times start anytime from 15 minutes before (which is awesome) to 20 minutes after class starts (which is not). We also have a new awesome wall clock, so here's the deal: If you come into a class more than 5 minutes late you are welcome to join in the class, but only after doing 50 burpees. No exceptions. This is not because I am an asshole (although it is a little because I love burpees), this is for your benefit. We have a limited amount of time to get warmed up, practice skills, work out, and work on mobility in our hour-long classes. When people are late it throws off the flow of the entire class. If you think this sounds harsh ask any of my old coaches about what they would have late athletes do; I've gone through some horrific late workouts and missed starts on teams for simply being late to practice. So please show up on time, or enjoy a nice burpee warmup.