New Skills

Today's Workout

4 Rounds For Total Time:

200m Sprint
14 95/65lb Shoulder To Overhead
7 Ring Dips
1 Minute Rest

Top Performances: Chris H. 9:49, Pappas 8:06. 

Wall Climbs

Just when you feel like you are comfortable with the large arsenal of lifts and skills we practice something new gets thrown into the mix and makes you feel like a novice all over again. Skill development is a lifelong process. Whether you are dialing in your push press for the first time or learning how to finish off your muscle-up with handstand push up you should never feel content with your skill set. Not only is learning new motions fun, the process can also help to reenforce old skills and build potential for the development of new ones. 

"Weak as a kitten" -CPC dropping some sage advice. Be sure to read Malzone's comment in the thread too…