Personal Coaching.

The fast track to success...

The fastest, most efficient way to achieve your training goals.

Benefits of personalized workout instruction include flexible scheduling, complete and undivided attention from your coach, and programming specifically designed for you. At the end of the day we humans do not fall into equations and no “cookie cutter” approach can ever be as effective as tailoring your training to your specific needs. Group training is an excellent and cost effective method for most healthy and confident people to increase general physical preparedness (GPP), but personalization is the always the safest and most effective choice. This is especially true for athletes who are new to our facility, training to compete at a high level, training through injury, or simply want more face time with coach. We pride ourselves upon our ability to help bring bodies as close to structural balanced as possible so that you can start off on the right foot, be your best on game day, or simply use training as a tool to eliminate pain and dysfunction from your life. A coach focused solely upon your needs ensures that you get a maximal return on your investment in your health and fitness while staying as safe as possible.


We offer two primary options when it comes to Personal Coaching:


Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is the most efficient way to achieve your goals. Whether you want to get in shape for the first time or are looking to take your athletic ability to the next level personalized training will put you on the fastest track to success. In a one on one atmosphere we can personalize your training sessions to bias the athletic skills most relevant to your interests. The focus is 100% on what you need as an individual. Whether you want to simply do a “one-off” as a refresher to supplement your own training, our various group training options, or you’re looking to train regularly with one of our expert coaches for an extended period of time we can help.


Rates/specialties vary by coach, discounts available when purchasing in bulk.

Personalized Programming

If you are a dedicated athlete with specific training goals, new to the gym and uncomfortable training in a group, or need some help creatively training through/around/to improve an injury our coaches are happy to offer individualized program design. These workouts can be performed at our facility during open gym hours, any other facility, or with your coach as a personal training session at a discounted rate. Please send us an application including a bit about your goals and current ability level for consideration if you are interested. This is a highly premium service and each of our coaches limits how many athletes we take on in this regard. Personal Programming athletes are considered “first in the queue” when it comes to correspondence and each and every program we develop is uniquely created around your needs relative to your goals/ability level. We do not simply recycle old templates or regurgitate workouts from other programs, unless of course it is the right decision for you…

Rates/specialties vary by coach.

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*We typically reply to all emails within 24 hours except during weekends and/or holidays. If you haven't heard back from us for a few days please do not hesitate to be proactive by shooting us another email, calling us on the phone, or stoping by during Open Gym hours to speak with a coach in person when they are not actively engaged with a group class or client.

It's not that we would ever purposely ignore you, or anyone interested in training with us for that matter, and definitely not that we don't care: our staff is simply tiny and always on the move working relentlessly to foster the most productive training atmosphere in SB as well as providing world class instruction for all of our members. Occasionally we have been known to drop a ball or two in the computer correspondence department; we're human just like you.

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