Play the long game.

Today’s Workout:
All Levels:
Test Max Effort 500m Row (make sure you are sweating before you get on the seat)

Row 2000m
Run 1200m
100 KBS 1 Pood


The Great Pisarenko

As an athlete it can be easy to succumb to the logical pitfall that we must train like athletes of a higher ability level in order to achieve their level of fitness. This is true in a sense, but subtly. Advanced athletes in any discipline have spent years developing the skills, strength, conditioning, and experiences that allow them to train the way that they do. In nearly every case they have achieved their level ability through an approach that placed heavy emphasis on the fundamentals as well as progression and periodization. We must always seek to outperform previous bests and push the limits of our capabilities, while at the same time being realistic about our current strengths and weaknesses relative to our goals. A simple analogy is that to eventually be the high level athlete you admire you must train like they trained when they were at your level, not how they train currently. This approach takes time and thus considerable patience and dedication, but it is the most effective training method in the long run for both performance and health. Make small obtainable goals to stay motivated and be stoked on achieving them, but always stay hungry for more.

SBS ENDURANCE TEAM PRACTICE UPDATE: No practice tomorrow morning. Meet at 9:30AM Saturday at Goleta Beach for 5k Time Trial. Coach Cliff has a plane to catch…