Post Workout Food Choices

Today's Workout

Shoulder Press Deloading

5 @ 40% WM
5 @ 50% WM
5 @ 60% WM




Top Performances: Derek 2:42 (ring pull-ups), Cristina 10:04. Also Kris 5:49 RX (this is the highest number of pull-ups he has ever completed in a WOD RX)

Jenny learning to levitate

Last week I posted about post workout nutrition. Basically you want to replenish muscle glycogen and protein within an hour window post workout. A few people were asking for good ideas for post workout carbohydrates with a high GI. Here are some good ideas: bananas, apple sauce, sweet potatoes, chocolate milk (one of my favorites), apples, or any other fairly (not overly) sugary treat. As far as protein turkey, steak, eggs, whole fat milk, or chicken are good choices. If you are using shakes be aware of the carbohydrate and protein content and make sure you are getting enough of each to refuel your body.

"CrossFit Box of Chocolates" Practice CrossFit