Post Workout Nutrition

Today's Workout

Shoulder Press

3 @70% WM(+10)
3 @80% WM(+10) 
3+ @90% WM(+10)


4 Rounds For Max Reps

Dead Hang Pull-ups

Top Performances: Ryan 5 reps @135. Katie 16 reps @60.

Chad getting low on a 2fer1 shot

Post workout nutrition is of great importance to your recovery and performance. Immediately post workout your muscles are particularly insulin sensitive. It is important to take advantage of this and supply them with carbohydrates and protein to replenish muscle glycogen and add some substrate for tissue repair. Try to get a meal in within at least an hour window after your workout. This is the best time to use high glycemic carbs as they produce the greatest insulin spike, which is actually advantageous in this window. You must learn to fuel your body appropriately to see the biggest increases in your fitness.

Post Workout Nutrition– Robb Wolf