Practical Application of Fitness

Today's Workout

Snatch 3-3-3-1-1-1



30 Reps For Time:

135/95lb Snatch

Celina Ruck 

Celina has started to play for the UCSB Women's Rugby team. She may be small, but she has more heart and fitness than most human beings. A classic quote from "Elite Fitness in a 100 Words" by CrossFit founder Greg Glassman is "Regularly learn and practice new sports." If you are a serious athlete there is no better way to prepare for the rigors of competition than constantly varied functional training. A huge component of athletics is being able to perform complex skills when fatigued which is just like throwing down some moderately heavy Clean and Jerks after coming back from a 400m sprint (five rounds for time). If you are a competitive athlete let me know if you have a game or competition coming up soon and I will be sure to spread the word to everyone so you can have a small crowd of crazies cheering you on.

"Going RX'd Doesn't Mean Sh*t" By CrossFit Mission Gorge