Taking technique to the next level.

Today's Workout

In 10 Minutes Find Your Max Clean


5 Rounds For Time

15 75/55lb Sumo-Deadlift High Pull
15 75/55lb Thrusters

Christos, 205. Dax, 7:19. Larisa and Katie 110. Katie 12:37.

Cristina Pullup

I witnessed something awesome today that has been happening more and more. One of our more experienced athletes stepped up and helped a less experienced athlete with her technique in the clean. This is a beautiful thing for a couple of reasons. When you teach something to someone else it helps to fortify and express your own mastery of a motion. The more you can explain a motion the better you will be able to understand it in your own practice. This is also helpful when we are in a class and newer athletes may not be getting my full attention because I try to spread the coaching love evenly. Don't be afraid to help out your fellow athletes! If you get serious about learning how to coach a great thing to do is to take the CrossFit Level 1 course and begin to learn how to effectively teach others even in group settings.