Today's Workout

Back Squat

3 @70% WM(+20)
3 @80% WM(+20) 
3+ @90% WM(+20)


3 Rounds For Time

50 Double Unders
25 Wall Ball 2 Fer 1s 20/14lb

Top Performances: Ryan 7 reps @330, Katie H. 8 reps @160. Then Pappas 7:23, Katie H. 7:14 (15 reps/round 8lb ball to a 10' target)

Large loads long distances quickly

After you finish your workout and regain the ability to create coherent thoughts be sure to share some words of encouragement with your fellow athletes who are still finishing up theirs. It really does help to have others cheer you on to push through the discomfort and finish strong. You never know when you will be the one in need of encouragement, because no matter how studly you are you have weaknesses and we will find them and destroy them together.

The ABC's– CrossFit East Sac