The Deets For Saturday

Today's Workout

Back Squat Deloading

5 @ 40% WM
5 @ 50% WM
5 @ 60% WM



Goblet Squat*
Kettlebell Swing*

*Pick a load that is challenging but you think you can barely do unbroken.

Top Performances: Pappas 2:27 (2 Pood), Janeway 2:29 (2 Pood). Katie H. 3:07 (1 Pood)

Josh Deadlift PR

Greetings Fellow Strength Athletes and Friends,

Thank you for being a part of the first ever CFG Powerlifting/CrossFit Hybrid Competition. I’m all ready getting excited. This Saturday Sign-ins will begin at 7:30AM and lifting will commence at 8:30AM. We will be adhering to a tight schedule; thus The Burpee Rule will be in effect if you chose to arrive later than 8:15. If you are not competing you are welcome to be a come and witness all the PRs.
The format will be as follows:
Lifters will have a chance to warm up and then have up to 3 attempts within a time limit to find a 1 rep max Back Squat, Press, and Deadlift. Lifters will have 3 attempts at each lift within this time period. The Triplet will then be crushed in heats after a brief lunch break. Please email me your bodyweight, expected maxes, and scaling option for the Triplet ASAP so I can finalize the heats. If all goes according to plan we should be done in the early afternoon. We will conclude with a potluck BBQ for those who would like to join so bring something to share.

We will need some strong and confident volunteers for spotting and judging purposes. Please let me know if you would like to help out.

The Triplet:
Men’s/Women’s RX
7 115lb/75lb Thrusters
9 CTB Pull-ups/Pull-ups
11 Burpees
Scaling Option A
7 115lb/75lb Thrusters
9 Pull-ups
11 Burpees
Scaling Option B
7 95/65lb Thrusters
9 Pull-ups
11 Burpees
Scaling Option C
7 Thrusters <95/65 (indicate weight)
9 Pull-ups/Jumping Pull-ups
11 Burpees

If you are competing please email me scaling options and bodyweights/estimated maxes ASAP! You are on the honor system for your weight. Don't lie to me I'm like the human scale and I will know.

In Strength,

Nick Conn