The Front Rack

Today's Workout:

For Total Reps:

Alternating Tabata

Box Jumps 20"/18"
Toes To Bar

-Rest 3 Minutes-

Alternating Tabata


Top Performances: Chris J, 379. Celina, 283.


Fran will never be a comfortable time in your life. Dax here is making it even less comfortable for himself. He is tired and allowing his elbows to drop down putting stress on his wrists and shoulders as well as limiting the power transfer from his hips to his shoulders and thus into the bar. Always work to push your elbows up as close to parallel to the ground as your flexibility will allow when you are holding a bar in the front rack position. It may take some mobility work, but over time it will help you take some time off Fran, front squat more, and clean heavier.

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