The Lebron James Paradox

Today's Workout

Shoulder Press 

5 Reps @65% WM
5 Reps @75% WM
5+ Reps @85% WM

WM= Working Max (90% of 1RM)



Double Unders

Top Performances: Kris 11 Reps at 135, Larisa 14 Reps at 50. Then Chris J. 11:46, Larisa 18:16.

Jessica Cleanin

What should I do? Should I beg and plead for you to post your scores and thoughts to the comments section. Should I write post to comments every day and face the rejection from so many of you? Should I keep posting my scores all alone and feeling a little douchy with no support? What should I do? Should I put up pictures of hot chicks and bottomless dudes doing pull-ups while facing away from the camera to stir up some controversy? What should I do? Should I become the villain? Stop posting workouts and force a near mutiny to get some people complaining about WODless posts? Should I threaten you all with burpees if you don't write in here? Nah I'm not gonna do any of this, but I would sure appreciate some chatter in here.

Hows Paleo going?