The Mothership

Today's Workout

"Tabata This"

Full Tabata rounds on the following exercises with 1 minute rest between exercises



Have you ever checked out the CrossFit Main Page? Today's workout is taken directly from The main site is an incredible resource. Like ours it is updated daily with a workout, links, and inspirational quotes, but the main site also has tons of instructional videos and workout demos to help you dial in motions, understand them better, and get inspired by Firebreathers throwing down sub 2:00 Fran times. There are also message boards where athletes and coaches can discuss all things CrossFit related. Often times answers to questions you might have have been answered in the message boards all ready. While you are there you may also want to consider subscribing to the CrossFit Journal. The journal is updated regularly with great articles and videos from all over the greater CrossFit community and is a great place to learn more about the quest for increased fitness. 

If you are looking for some other great CrossFit Sites to check out try browsing the "Friends of the Goodland" column to the right. Each site has its own distinct style of programming and it is cool to see how other boxes do work.