The Ranks Of The CFG OG Are Growing

Today's Workout

Back Squat

Working Max (WM)= 90% 1 Rep Max

5 Reps @ 65% WM
5 Reps @ 75% WM
5+ Reps @ 85% WM


For Time


45/35lb Dumbell Thrusters
24/20" Box Jumps

Top Performances: Jason B. 15 Reps at 85%, Katie H. 19 Reps at 85%. Chris J. 4:08, Katie H. 6:58 (25lb DB)


Dax has officially earned the rank of CFG OG today. Watching Dax's growth as an athlete over his first year here has been awesome. When he first came in to the gym I'm pretty sure he hated me, but he stuck with it and has now become a stud (who still hates me on occasion). We had to install a doorway bar for him because the racks were too short, but the effort was well worth it when he nailed his first kipping pull-up. Though he has battled a variety of injuries, he continues to show up and scale around them so he can still rage. There really aren't words I can write in this little blog to properly thank and honor Dax for being with us for a year so I will avoid the cheesiness/cliche and keep it simple: much love brother.

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