UCSB ESS Field Trip

Today's Workout

Back Squat

5 @ 75% WM
3 @ 85% WM
1+ @ 95% WM



10 Goblet Squat 2/1.5 Pood
10 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5 Pood
200m Run

Top Performances: Jason B. 13 reps @ 365. Katie H. 13 reps @ 150. Then Chris J. & Nick P. tied for 6 rounds (+10 Squats), Katie H. 4 rounds (+7 squats).

ESS Class

Amy Jamieson's Exercise and Sports Studies class came by for a visit and a little taste of the Kool-Aide today. She was one of my teachers in college and helped me to realize that opening up CFG was what I wanted to do. ESS classes were always my favorites, but unfortunately due to budget restrictions the ESS program is going to be discontinued after this year (even though the Minors in the program are the most popular at UCSB). That didn't stop us from having a great time today though. If you see any of these faces shadowing our group classes make them feel welcome. Spending some time in a CrossFit Box is not a bad way to earn some units.