Welcome to CrossFit Season!

Today's Workout:

Pick Your Poison

4x 400m Sprint/90 Seconds Rest
4x 500m Row/90 Seconds Rest

Top Performances: Will 1:30.6-1:36.8 Row, Chris J. 1:31.8-1:35.5 Row, Katie 1:50.2-1:55.4 Row. Alex 1:08-1:28 Run*, Laura 1:23-1:40 Run*. *"400m" here is a longer run with a suicide turnaround. 

Krysta maintaing a great rack (position)

Tonight the first Open workout will be posted to games.crossfit.com. Even if you are not signed up as an athlete you can still try out the workouts with us on Saturdays. Check it out and sign up even if you are just spectating so you can track our athletes and friends from up and down the Central Coast as we take on 16,000 athletes from around the world. Good luck to all those competing! We have 4 athletes signed up so far this year: Coach Pappas, Chris Janeway, Derek Cedarbaum, and yours truly. Time to do work boys.