Today's Workout:

"That's Bullshit"

1000m Row
800m Run
100 Double Unders

*Thanks to CPC for inspiring today's WOD

Top Performances: Derek 11:55, Laura 14:42.

Record your WODS

You have heard me say it 1000 times, and I will say it 1000 more. Record your workouts! We need this data to track your progress and to know how much weight to put on the bar. You guys all know how good it feels to PR. If you don't write a workout down you have nothing to PR against. So here's the new deal: every time I ask you what your squat is (or any other lift/WOD I know you have done, you don't want to test my memory) and you stare at me with a blank expression on your face you will have time to contemplate the importance of recording your workouts while doing 50 burpees. Plain and simple.