You only get one.

Today's Workout

Deadlift Deloading

5 @ 40% WM
5 @ 50% WM
5 @ 60% WM


21 225/155lb Deadlifts
400m Run
18 225/155lb Deadlifts
400m Run
15 225/155lb Deadlifts
400m Run
12 225/155lb Deadlifts
400m Run

Top Performances: Chris J. 10:20. Katie 12:40 (@110).

Josh Burpeeing

Your body works hard and gets beat up in the process. Injuries do happen, but with proper attention to form and a good amount of maintenance one can reduce both the likelyhood of injury happening and the acute effects of one that has. Form requires focused practice, repetition, and an adequate amount of mobility to be safe and efficient. Tightness from lifestyle, old injury, and working out will limit your ability to get into good positions. This is where maintenance comes into the picture. Ensuring that you perform a proper warm up, practicing skills, foam rolling, Mobility WODs (see link on yesterday's post), icing, and proper anti-inflammatory diet all play a part in keeping you active, not injured. When things do act up and get hot you need to learn how to take care of them no matter how minor instead of simply ignoring them and hoping they will magically disappear. Ideally take things a step further and proactively work on your tight areas. Progress is slow and not instantly gratifying, but the effort will pay off when you move with better mechanics, less energy expense, and free from pain.

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